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UPDATE: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

September 26, 2005) Rick Hight of The Louisiana Renaissance Festival (LRF) wrote to say, "Hurricane Rita did not do any additional damage to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival site. A few more trees, damaged by Katrina, finally fell over, but no new damage was caused. The Louisiana Renaissance Festival is most definitely opening on schedule with a full lineup of entertainment!" The opening day will be Saturday, November 5th, and they will be open every weekend until Sunday, December 11th. They will celebrate Thanksgiving with a three-day weekend starting Friday, November 25th.

Marc Larranaga and Randal Scott of the Duelists

This year the professional entertainment includes Bilge Pumps, Brobdingnagian Bards, Craig of Farrington, Duelists, Palo Garbanzo, Haggis Rampant, Hobgoblin Hills Puppets, Jonny Phoenix, Limey Birds, St. George and the Dragon, Thomas Wood, Tortuga Twins, Vince Conaway and Washer Well Wenches. In the equestrian area you can see Kelly Baily and Joust Troupe Warhorse and Accipiter Enterprises with Kitty Tolson Carroll demonstrating in the Birds of Prey show. There will be lots of street entertainers and many demonstration as well.
Most local area lodging is filled with the displaced, so the fair will allow on-site camping for guests as well as merchants and performers this year. They are encouraging clans and groups to come to Louisiana this year to help contribute to rebuilding of the local economy. With a few days advance notice can accommodate camping for even the largest groups!
For information you can call Rick Hight at 985-429-9992 ext 203 or 623-748-0169 ext 203 or visit web for details on camping at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.

Correction to 9/9/2005 article.
LRF is 45 miles north of New Orleans (not 25 miles.) LRF is handling the relief fund for their employees and volunteers who have lost so much, (not the RLHC.)

News about SCA events and Gulf Wars
John, the Wrangler at the barn said they have re-established power to most of the site, and the water is up and running again. Viscountess Marion, Leoncina da Susa will post new pictures of the event site after her next visit on October 1, 2005. You can see the her photos at Green Dragon.

Originally published October 2005 by Gael Stirler

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