Monday, December 8, 2008

Pirates Invade Baltimore for Annual Pirate Pub Crawl

Here is how it all began...
by Vicki Bokhari (Blender Wench)
In January 2005 two pirate enthusiasts (aka garb-a-holics, rennies, razies, rogue and wench, etc...) were getting the *itch* to dust off their best pirate garb and go out to a public place that was not the norm for the modern-day pirate. It was decided what better place than Fells Point, Baltimore? Well, one friend told another and so on and so on....(isn't that always how it goes?)
In trying to pick a date and set up a few basic details, these two scallywags learned that Fells Point is rich with privateer history, and those bawdy blokes contributed to our country's independence from Britain. (pretty amazing stuff, eh?) We didn't remember learning about THAT in school.
After visiting Fells Point and speaking to a local innkeeper (One Eyed Mikes), we started to receive a very warm response and realized that this notion of getting a few pirates together for a night of revelry could turn into something much, much larger. In April 2005 the first Baltimore Pyrate Invasion was born. Approximately 150 of our closest pirate friends were out in all their finery...
Fast forward to January 2006... This time, more than just two pirate enthusiasts were getting the itch to get together and celebrate all things piratical. Inquiries were rushing in, asking to organize a second invasion. The second time around was even bigger and better. Clipper City Brewing Company got involved and pushed it to an even more sucessful event. In March 2006 about 300 pirates were invading the bawdiest port of Baltimore.
In the midst of all this invasion planning we learned that a non-profit organization, the Fells Point Development Corporation, also hosts an event later in the year.
The wheels started a'turnin and the party started a'growin... What better way to expand on the Baltimore Pyrate Invasion than to combine events with the Privateer Day so that we have one enormous piratey-filled day of adventure? So the combined event, creating an all-day celebration of all things piratical commenced in April 2007. The turn-out was amazing, with an estimate of over 3,000 attendees!
For April 19, 2008, there are 18 participating pubs offering discounts on drinks and appetizers all night. Due to the high participation we are not moving around in a single group. Instead, there will be multiple groups invading all the the pubs all night long! Get your tickets online to qualify for discounts, prizes, treasure hunts and more. Arggghh, ye must be 21 to party-cipate, matey!

Originally published -in April 2008 by Gael Stirler

assembly in front of pub priate lassies assembly in front of pub


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